Woderful Effect Green Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer With 50mW 80mW

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Power:Green 50mW / Blue 80mW
Size:28mm x 175mm




Everyone want have a laser pointer. It can issue double beam, as blue and green, red and blue, red and green . If you want have one too, please clike the add to cart and offer it. This laser pen has three pencil colors for you to choose from. You can select the green blue, red green, red blue 2 in 1 laser pointer in our shop online. It’s provide various laser pointers what you want to buy. Not only cheaper than other shop, but also the quality was best. The warranty is 12 Months. You can rest assured to buy. The most popular and fashion laser pen is 50mW green 80mW blue beam. Press the first bright green light, the second bright green light, the third bright green and blue light, the fourth bright green and blue double flash. The most important is we offer the best after-sale service for you.


  • Green Blue Dot 2 in 1, can also emits two colors at the same time
  • High standard safety design, output power 50mw green 80mW blue
  • Wonderful and let you feel good
  • Efficiency, perfect for presentation
  • With 4 stalls: Press the first bright red light, the second bright blue light, the third bright red and blue light, the fourth bright red and blue double flash
  • Featured 450nm 80mw and 532nm 50mw laser diode, lifetime comes to 8000 hours
Product Spec:
Shell Color Silver | Gold | Black
Weight 300g
Power Green 50mW / Blue 80mW
Size 28mm x 175mm
Working Voltage DC3.7V
Class IIIA
Light Style Dot
Working Temperature 15℃-40℃
Warranty 12 Months

Packing List:

  • 1 x 50mw Green 80mw Blue Laser Pointer
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x 18650 Battery
  • 1 x Box


  1. Battery pack: battery positive toward the tail
  2. When not in use, please remove the battery, put the child is not easy to get the place
  3. When used, the laser beam is absolutely not allowed to face the eyes of people and animals and exposed skin, flammable material exposure
  4. The laser is not recommended for more than 3 minutes of continuous lighting time, whether it will affect the life of LD overheating! (Recommended 30 seconds -1 minutes rest)
  5. If you find that the laser beam brightness suddenly darkened, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery

Additional information

Color/Output Power

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